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The kind of support that maintains an A+ Rating by the Texas Better Business Bureau.

There are a lot of different types of Life Insurance. Although we only offer Term Life on our instant quotes, we do carry the other types of Life Insurance as well.

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As Independent Brokers, we can offer you assurance that we are providing you with the most competitive rate from a Top Rated company. We have contracted with over 100 Insurance Companies over the last Decade to provide our clients the lowest cost plan that meets their Health Care needs. Get your instant quote now or give us a call today for your free, no obligation quote by phone, mail, or email.



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Health Related Products
We carry Hospital Endemnity Plans, Cancer Plans, LTC, Chronic Illness Plans, and all other Health related plans. 

Long Term Care
Many of the Life Insurance Plans we offer, provide great alternatives to Long Term Care Policies.

We have several Top Rated Insurance Companies that offer highly  competitive rates.

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Please watch for our new website to launch. This will be a website that will have not only the "Newest Technology" but will have custom designed Technology!


All this in efforts of giving the consumer not only the safest place to get their Health, Life, & Dental Insurance Quote,

but to provide Service that exceeds that of any other Full Service Agency on the web.

In fact, We will be the FIRST Full Service Virtual Insurance Brokerage on the Internet!

What does this mean for you?

Instant Connection with a highly trained Health & Life Insurance Broker that will be your personal representative before, during, AND after you apply for a plan. Plus you will have the support of a full service agency in addition to the great service the insurance company will give you!  (Agency will be launching by mid year)

We are still a freestanding and fully staffed agency like the old fashion insurance agency people are accustomed too, however there will not be a need for appointments that takes days to get, taking half a day or more out of your time to go meet your agent in person or having to inconvenience yourself having your agent come to your home.

Not to mention the danger of bringing people that you do not know into your home!

We are also developing additional technology for our new website that will provide ease of use for visitors to our website in both accessing information to programs that help lower health care cost as well as ease of getting quotes and applying for insurance.

We are taking current technology that is used to "Trick" people into doing business and with a little reverse engineering,

along with some ingenious modifications, and using this to EARN your business. 

With this technology, we are creating an environment that is focused on the consumers safety, providing support that is unparallel to other websites, and giving instant access to any and all information available without any requirement for your contact information.

With over a Decade of providing A+ Customer Support while achieving a 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating (A+) with the Texas Better Business Bureau, we don't need tricks to get your business! 

Seniors Information Services BBB Business Review
Seniors Information Services BBB Business Review

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