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Our Company at a Glance

  • A website that both Consumers AND Existing Clients can get safe instant quotes from multiple Top Rated Companies.  (No Contact Info Required)
  • Coming soon will be a new website ( that is a collaboration of several highly talented tech companies to bring our clients a website experience unlike any they have ever seen. All in the efforts to provide you with a secure and enjoyable environment with instant support, providing you with answers and options when you need it and at the time you need it!
  • All quotes that offer "Apply Now" option and provides an electronic application are done STRICTLY within the Insurance Companies SECURE website. This website DOESNOT COLLECT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION from the information entered securely within any of the online electronic applications. The only information we get is the minimum amount the Insurance Companies provide us in order that we may give you Exceptional A+ Service on your policy. Your Best Interest is our Top Priority!
  • Professional, Texas State Licensed Insurance Broker with an A+ Rating from the Texas Better Business Bureau in Customer Service Satisfaction to provide you personal assistance when you need help. Experience with a Guarantee!
  • Access to a Wealth of Information to assist you in making your own informed decisions.  (This is offered by calling at this time but when our new website launches we will have this information on it and will be very easy to understand) 
  • Access to programs to help lower the cost on your health care cost. On this website in the Menu section, you will find links that will take you to the resource information we offer. (Helpful Links)

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A FEW OF THE Benefits WITH US You Will Enjoy Include: 

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Choosing the Right Plan

We know it's often hard to figure out how what plan to choose and this can vary greatly on your particular situation. Please see our Menu Bar at the top of our home page for a wealth of information to help you decide.

Of course, you are always welcome to call for an Insurance needs evaluation with one of our Licensed Professionals.

    (Instant Quotes for Medicare Supplements)
    (Instant Quotes for ALL under 65 Health Plans)
    (Hospital Confinement, Cancer, Stroke,etc)
    (We offer ALL TYPES of Life Insurance Plans)
  • Dental Plans

          (Both Network buy-in plans and actual Dental Insurance)

MyGuySays Your Safe is the home website of Seniors Information Services. (SIS)

An Agency built from the ground up by an Independent Health, Life, & HMO Texas licensed Broker by the name of

Robert "Dan" Hash, located in Lago Vista, Texas.
Specializing in Health Insurance for all ages,

(with our primary focus on Medicare)

we've been around for over 10 years and have maintained an A+ Rating with the Texas Better Business Bureau in Customer Satisfaction.