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Free 30 Day Supply of Prescription Medications

Over 50 Medications offered for a free 30 day supply! EVERYONE QUALIFIES
Click on the link below and browse the list. If you find a medication that you are currently taking or have discussed trying with your doctor, click on the "Print Online Form" link and the 30 day trial certificate will open in a pdf file (adobe acrobat). Simply print, fill out your part of the form, and take to your Doctor's office. All your Doctor's office will need to do is complete their small part of the form and fax to the program. Within 7-10 business days after the form is faxed from the Doctors office you should receive your 30 day trial in the mail. This can save you well over one hundred dollars on many of these prescriptions listed !

Click below and see if there is $100 or more in savings for you !


Prescription Medication Help

Many people don't know or realize that practically every prescription medication out there today has what is called a patient assistant program to help people with prescriptions that they find it difficult or impossible to afford. The only problem is that most of these programs do not advertise so unless you are told by someone then you would never know they exist.
Click the link below labeled and it will take you to their site.
On this site you will find every patient assistance program out there and you will be able to locate each programs information including guidelines to qualify for the various programs, as well as you will be able to print applications for most of the programs.

Click Below and search for the programs on your medications.


Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Cost

Social Security has a program to help people on Medicare with their Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Cost and it is referred to as the "Social Security Subsidized Program"
 The Link Below will take you to the official Social Security site and right to the pre-screen questions. It only takes a minute to see if you qualify ( You would be surprised ) and even with the least amount of help gets you coverage in the doughnut hole with your Medicare Drug Plan
Click Below and take a few minutes to see if you qualify !

            S.S. SUBSIDIES  

Texas State Programs

In our great state of Texas there are several programs to help those that are in a hard situation. They are administered by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. If you have heard of this Department before then you probably are thinking of it as the welfare office. Yes they administer the welfare program but that is just one of the many programs they administer. Another one of the many programs is CHIP which is the children's insurance program for Texas. If your child is without insurance I would highly recommend that you go and apply for CHIP. Its great insurance and for many it is free and for others it is a very reasonable and affordable rate. It is the best insurance in my opinion that money can buy ( even though it is free to most ) but yet there are children out there uninsured that qualifies for this plan.
Whatever your situation may be it would not hurt to check out the site as you may know someone that needs the help.

Click Below then look on the left hand side of the site for the "Complete Screening"

                          MY TEXAS BENEFITS 


Medicare Drug Plans made simple !

I find that there are a lot of Medicare Beneficiaries that have Internet connection but yet have never been to the official website for Medicare. Here on this site you can get your own secure login so that you can track your claims when they are filed instead of waiting three months to get the statement from Medicare. I think the Medicare outdone themselves when they included on the website a program to enter your medications and then analyze ALL the plans according to your specific medications. This is incredible because not only can you find the most cost effective plan this way but you can also see any restrictions that the various plans would have on your Medications.
This allows you (as we do for many of our clients) to pick the most cost effective AND trouble free plan. This Program evens projects for your monthly out of pocket cost AND shows you on a graph when (and if) you will hit the doughnut hole !

                  Click the link below and it will open the Medicare Site for you.From there you want to click on the link that reads Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (about the middle of the page).Be sure that you do your search as general so that you do not have to register.